Varnell Scorcher 2016 — One Mile and Club Cookout!

VARNELL SCORCHER – Thursday, October 27 – 
The Varnell Scorcher will consist of a one mile ROY race to be held in concert with the CCRC Fall Cookout. The event is for CCRC members only.
The dual event is scheduled for Thursday evening, October 27 at Grove Level Baptist North Campus. This site was selected because it has a one-mile measured course and ample picnic facilities.


Schedule of events:
5:00 – 6:00 mingling with CCRC members
6:00 1 mile race
6:30 on dinner and more mingling

Former or new CCRC members are welcome to come and participate, but they must join the running club by paying the $20 membership fee. The fee will cover membership for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017. That’s a great deal.
The meal will be catered by Buckin’ Burritos.

The cost to participate is $10 for adults and $5 for children. This will cover the cost of the meal and the race entry fee as well.
All participants will receive a monogrammed toboggan (cold weather will be right around the corner). Door prizes will also be given out.

The one mile event race will be organized as a “handicapped” race with a staggered start. Each CCRC runner will be assigned to a group based on his or her average mile time as per the ROY results for 2016. A list of the runners in each group will be posted at the start line prior to the
Group 1 mile time greater then 12 minutes
Group 2 mile time between 11 and 12 minutes
Group 3 mile time between 10 and 11 minutes
Group 4 mile time between 09 and 10 minutes
Group 5 mile time between 08 and 09 minutes
Group 6 mile time between 07 and 08 minutes
Group 7 mile time less than 07 minutes

Group 1 will start the race. Group 2 will take off after waiting one minute. Group 3 will take off after waiting two minutes. ETC. The process will continue with Group 7 leaving six minutes after the race start.
Note that by staggering the starts in this manner, all runners theoretically will reach the finish line at approximately the same time. Of course, that won’t happen, but it will be fun to see what actually does happen.
Also note that the staggered start will not affect your ROY points. The “time delay” will be subtracted from your “clock time” to give you your actual one mile race time. So, you can burn it out for one mile and shoot for a very good ROY score.
The first three males and the first three females to cross the finish line will be declared the winners and awarded a delicious apple or pumpkin pie

PS #1 – You don’t have to run the one mile race to come to the cookout. Come out and enjoy the company of the other club members.
PS #2 – If anyone would like to bring a desert, it would be greatly appreciated. The more the merrier.
PS #3 – To get to the North Campus of Grove Level Baptist, take Cleveland Hwy towards Varnell. Just before you reach Hwy 2, take a right on Old Prater’s Mill Rd. Then, after a quarter
mile or so, take a right on Tom Manis Rd. The campus will be on your right.
PS #4 – Please sign up early so that we can make the appropriate arrangements for the catering.

A Paypal account will be set up within a couple of weeks. If you would rather send a check, make it payable to CCRC and mail it to the club at
POB 2446
Dalton, GA 30722
Please include the name of each family member who will be participating.
If you have any questions. please reply to Janice Wycherley at wych@optilink.us