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Welcome to the carpet capital running club site. Remember Forest Gump running the marathon of his life. Running is not just seen as merely a sport or exercise; it is viewed as a way of life. Many people run for health, many follow it as a hobby, however many take it way more seriously and takes it as a profession. The carpet capital running club is a running club meant for the serious type. Carpet club realizes your dream of becoming a runner running on a running carpet. Let’s have a brief look at the world of running which is the most underrated among all sports. And not just that, you can follow us if you want to have a fantastic read to find out what are the best online casino in Canada where you can place your bets completely risk-free.

On The Run Since 1982

The carpet capital running club is a member of the Road Runners Club of America, ever since its inception in 1982. The carpet club is committed to making the people of Dalton’s club and the surrounding places of Georgia a hub of fitness and good health. The carpet club organizes the dalton red carpet half marathon each year where almost half the population of Georgia participates. The aim of the carpet club is simply to become a quality community club that provides opportunities to all the runners, who would like to take running as a recreational activity or professional sports, irrespective of their gender, age and color and culture. The carpet club offers interested people customized training and resources that they need to improve their skills, abilities, techniques, and knowledge about running.

10 Mile Race Training - Get Yourself Ready!

Carpet club says you can’t run a marathon in a day. For that, you need years of training and practice during which you build your strength and stamina. Here are a few sure shot ways suggested by the carpet club to get yourself prepared for that marathon you have always wanted to run:
  1. Building your body up: practice makes a man perfect is not just a saying. For being a champion marathon runner it is inevitable for you to practice running every other week and add on half an hour to each session.
  2. Go slow: long running is slower than short running. It’s not about the speed that is tested in a marathon but the stamina and strength that makes you an ace marathon runner.
  3. Don’t forget to fuel yourself up: you must keep nibbling into 30-40 calories every two miles of running. It could be anything from candy to glucose water. But never deprive yourself of the calories in the go.
  4. The recovery phase is not to be neglected: after finishing a run, you should always go for a snack. Grab a chocolate bar or a glass of milk if possible. This will help you recover the fatigue. Also, do not forget to keep walking for a while after finishing the run. Sudden stop and rest will lead to soreness in your muscles.
  5. How to fight the monotony? Running alone for miles can be quite boring. Encourage a friend to join you or get a good pair of headphone to enjoy the music while running.

The Best Running Competitions and Events

Marathon has now become a big event in the racing world, with even Olympics adopting it as one of its events. Here is a list of the five best marathon races held in the world:
  1. The Big Five Marathon of Africa
  2. Paris Marathon
  3. The Dipsea Race of California
  4. Niagara Falls Marathon between Buffalo and Canada
  5. Star Wars Half Marathon in Disneyland
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