Popular Running Races In The World

Mythical races around the world

Beyond the self-transcendence and athletic performance, the races are also the way to travel, to share unique moments between runners in majestic and sometimes unusual places!

It is almost impossible to make a ranking among all these world sports events, as each one offers a very particular specificity and can in no way be compared.

Whether for the pleasure of traveling, discovering the most unusual courses in the world, or just getting out of its comfort zone, the desire to excel remains the leitmotiv common to all riders.

Make your choice, and enjoy participating in one of these spectacular challenges :

The bullfight in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) takes place over 15km through the city and is distinguished by its festive atmosphere throughout the course. It is one of the most prestigious races in the world with more than 30,000 participants.

The race of Sierre-Zinal or the race of the five 4000 (Switzerland) is famous for the difficulty of its course. Considered the most beautiful mountain race in the world with its 31km that wind through the heart of the Valais, offering more than 2200m in positive slopes, it celebrates its 42nd edition, which makes it the oldest race in Europe. Its longevity is explained by tradition and its history, which make it a race to live at least once in its life as a runner!

The New York marathon was inaugurated in 1970 by Fred Lebow with 172 participants, it is today the planetary rendezvous of the runners, with more than 45,000 participants. It remains the most popular marathon and the one every marathon runner dreams of running, at least once!

The Berlin marathon stands out for its course through the city, its organization and its particular history, it is one of the most popular marathons in recent years for its mix of cultures and genres.

The London marathon is more recent, it is included in the major events of the World Marathon Majors and enjoys a unique atmosphere, it is considered the most fraternal of all marathons with the watchword to train, laugh and suffer together, you can feel by these words that the soul of Sir Winston Churchill is always watching !

Norman (Norway) is the triathlon of the Far North with its polar temperatures, fjords, mountains, and difficulties. It is reserved for an elite of 250 marathoners, even if the organizers are trying to expand the ranks of the competitors. The start of the pontoon is always a great moment, just like the finish with the coach or the supporter who shares the race to help the runner.

In 1984, 28-year-old Patrick Bauer decided to leave alone across the uninhabited desert. It travels 380 km in 12 days; this will be the starting point of the Marathon des Sables. Today, the route crosses the Moroccan desert for more than 240 km spread over six days. It is a real adventure of resistance for the 1500 men and women who launch each year through the dunes and sandstorms.

The Great Wall marathon (China) 5,164 steps to history! Created in 1999, this marathon brings together more than 2500 runners from 60 nations; it offers three distances of races so that the greatest number of runners discover the magic of the place.

The diagonal of the focus (La Réunion) or the raid that kills nearly 163 km through the jungle of La Réunion and its cliffs offering nearly 10,000 meters of positive elevation. Despite the ever-increasing training, the verdict is harsh, with more than 30% of the 2500 competitors dropping out; the maximum time allowed being 66 hours.

The North Pole marathon (Greenland). It is by far the coldest and most extreme marathon, consisting of 12 loops around an Arctic base camp. After seven events, only 400 athletes managed to finish the marathon in this setting of ice and snow. The challenge is, first of all, to withstand the cold (-41°) and the polar wind.

The Badwater Ultramarathon in the Death Valley desert. After the cold, here’s something to get warmed up. 217 km in the valley of death, by 70°, without any shelter to protect you from the scorching rays of the sun, there’s nothing better to be awarded the prize as the toughest race in the World.

The Hawaiian Ironman, created in 1978 in Honolulu with more than 3.8 km in the sea, 180 km by bike and 42 km of running on the volcanic beaches of Kailua-Kona, is the first and most mythical of the “Ironmans”. For its creator, John Collins, the one who comes first deserves to be called an Iron Man! The handwritten note to the media at the first Ironman said: “swim 4Km, ride 180 km, run 42 km and boast the rest of your life!

For the most hardened, see the craziest, there is also the extreme runner race 777 + (Morocco), 777 kilometers nonstop in the Moroccan desert. This year the race moves in the Algarve in Portugal and is reduced to 333km.

Likewise, the triple ultra-Triathlon in Lensahn (Germany) is discerned by its madness of magnitudes with 12km swimming, 540 km cycling, and 126km running, a continuous effort of 31 hours for the best before finishing.

With these different events around the world, the choice is not easy because even as a simple spectator, the show is always there and there is something for everyone, from the hottest to the coldest!