Runner of the Year Award

The Runner of the Year competition for 2013 is a series of 12 races, most of which are local or close to the Dalton area.  Several of them have multiple distances, all of which qualify for ROY points.  Racing gets underway March 14th and continues until December 5th.

We are going to be trying something new this year so please make note of the rule changes listed below.


Actually, there will be no divisions this year . . . we will all be competing in the same group, but never fear, there is a way to make it fair for everyone.  It’s something called Age Grading which compares each runner’s finish time with world record times for his / her age and gender at that particular distance.  With this method, a 60 year old female has the same opportunity to be the overall ROY winner as a 25 year old male. Awards will be going 10 deep, therefore each of you will have a great chance to win your very own CCRC monogrammed running apparel.


  1. You must be a current CCRC member to receive points for a race (points will not be awarded for any event prior to active membership).
  2. You will need to sign up for ROY competition so we have your name and age on record.  Your age on December 31, 2013 will be used for the whole year. You can sign up at the St. Patrick’s Day race or by emailing  Please send your name, age on 12/31/13, and where you live.
  3. Participants must compete in a minimum of 4 ROY races throughout the year. These races are listed below.
  4. All race times should be sent to the ROY chairman at by each runner.  We might get some of your times by just checking results but that is not guaranteed.
  5. Points will be awarded based on comparison to world record performances by age, gender, and distance.  The value will be a percent between 1 and 100 so you will get points as long as you cross the finish line.
  6. ROY standings will be posted on the club’s website after each race.
  7. Awards will be presented to the 10 runners with the highest point totals at the annual CCRC banquet in January.
  8. All Junior runners who meet the 4-race minimum requirement will receive an individual award.  This age group will consist of those runners from 1 – 14 years of age.


New for 2013

  1. There is no volunteer requirement for ROY this year.  That is accounted for in Volunteer of the Year competition.
  2. No extra points for marathon and half marathon will be awarded.  Only races on the ROY schedule will be eligible for points.
  3. No age or gender divisions have been set up (forget the Juniors, Adults, Matriarchs, Masters, Elder Statesmen, etc.).  We’re all compared to our individual world standards and competing as a group.

We wish you all a safe and fun racing season!  Now in the words of that great American and ROY coordinator emeritus, Patrick Douglas . . . . “Tighten up those shoe laces, stop by the Port-A-Potty one last time, straighten up that race number and get up to the starting line.  The gun is about to fire on the 2013 season.”

                                                 2013 ROY RACES

Race Date Location Dist.
St Patricks Day 2 Miler 3/14/2013 Dalton 2M
Chickamauga Chase 15K/5K 4/20/2013 Chickamauga 5K,10K & 7m trail
Run for John 5K 4/27/2013 Dalton 5K
Bill Gregory HCC 10K/5K/2K 5/04/2013 Dalton 5K,10K
Grizzly Run 5K 5/18/2013 Dalton 5K,10K
Riverbend 6/15/2013 Chattanooga 5K,10K
John Bruner Missionary Ridge 4.7 Mile 8/10/2013 Chattanooga 4.7Miles
Calhoun Unity Run 9/24/2013 Calhoun 5K
Eton Country Fair 4 Miler 9/28/2013 Eton 4 Miles
Chatsworth Fall Festival 5K 10/19/2013 Chatsworth 5K
Santa Dash 11/16/2013 Eton 5K
Silverbell Sprint 5K 12/06/2013 Dalton 5K